RHS Board of Trustees


Wendell Livingston, President and CEO

Lesley Korzennik, Vice President 

    and Curator

Donna Gauthier
Gardner Gray
Joanne Gray
Deborah Hastings

Isabelle Hunter

Francine Hubbell
Brian Kammerer
Dana Laird
Lynne Pratt
Woody Woodworth

RHS Advisory Board

Jeff Andrea
Cherie & Bruce Burton
Krissy Guttroff
Lauren Henry

Blaikie Hines

William Korzennik

Tom Livingston
Barry Minnerly
Page & Peter Morrison
Julie Murphy
Brenda & Rick Pank
Jack Raymond
Martin Roth, Technical Support

Non COVID hours: Tues 9:30-12

and by appointment.

Closed in August

177 Rowayton Avenue, Rowayton, CT 06853 | (203) 831-0136